Jesus ≠ Superman

To err is human. And we’re good at it. When it comes to Christology (doctrine focused particularly on Jesus), err often takes a nose-dive straight in to heresy. The pendulum swings too far, we emphasise one attribute or characteristic at the expense of another. We can’t hold things in tension.

All sorts of people have differing opinions about who Jesus is. Some people don’t believe He ever existed. Most think He was a revolutionary teacher of good living, and a great example. Some think that He was a prophet of God; while others believe that He was one of God’s top angels. You’ll bump into people like this everywhere. This inability to put Jesus in a box is nothing new. The church has been dealing with and answering them from the beginning. We can be confident, however, that what we’re being asked about Jesus has been answered before. We are not the first to wrestle with these things.


One of the earliest misunderstandings about Jesus goes write back to the days of the New Testament. And is a misunderstanding that continually creeps its way into the church. Sometimes we can mistakenly think to ourselves, “O, that Jesus, He was such a spiritual guy.” Surely He couldn’t possibly be bound by a human body, it must have been like a cloak or disguise. Bodies and physical things are so eughh and sinful. Jesus must’ve just appeared to be human. Just like Superman. Continue reading