Making a Name For Yourself

People want to be remembered. People want to know that after they pass from this scene of time, their name will be passed on. Whether that be through fame and celebrity or by becoming  a household name, people want to know that in this life, their impact will be felt for generations. This is not new, this has not been invented in recent years but has been around since man left the Garden of Eden. The pyramids were built so everyone would know who the Pharaohs of Egypt were. The  wonders of the ancient world were early attempts of making sure people would remember the past and the people who shaped it. Continue reading


“Every Christian should be both conservative and radical; conservative in preserving the faith and radical in applying it.”

John Stott (1921 – 2011)


The Man Comes Around

The Man Comes Around” is the title track from Johnny Cash‘s American IV: The Man Comes Around, released in 2002 It is one of the last songs Cash wrote in his life. Both sung and spoken, the song makes numerous Biblical references, especially from the Book of Revelation. The titular “Man” inferentially refers to Jesus Christ and the Second Coming.

The chorus contains the words “the whirlwind is in the thorn tree”. This reference is explained in Cash’s 1997 autobiography. He writes that Queen Elizabeth II  appeared to him in a dream and said “Johnny Cash, you’re a thorn bush in a whirlwind”. Cash later found the same reference in the Book of Job, and was inspired to write thirty-three verses of what would become “The Man Comes Around”

Sit back and invest five minutes of your life in this song. You will not regret it…

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