Thor vs. Jesus

One of this year’s biggest superhero blockbusters is about the son of a god coming to earth from another heavenly¬†realm. It’s the latest movie in the build up to mega superhero movie:¬†The Avengers. 2011, in terms of heroes, sees Captain America (the First Avenger), young Professor X and Magneto (XMen: First Class) and the return of Po (in Kung Fu Panda 2). But to kick it all off is the long anticipated Thor. From the cryptic post-credits hammer scene at the end of Iron Man 2, we’ve been waiting for the arrival of this son of the king of the gods.

But as Easter draws to a close, having celebrated the triumph of the Godman Jesus, saviour of mankind, sent from above over sin and death; how does Thor, the Nordic mythological god of thunder compare to Jesus? The son of a god, king of Asgard compared with the Son of God, king and creator of the Universe. Continue reading