Exam Prayer Diary 2017

EXAMS ARE NOT FUN.  They are some of the most stress-inducing and stomach-churning appointments that teens & young adults will ever face, especially when university places and career prospects seem on the line.

As a church family, we want to make sure that our young people do not face this exam season alone but have a strong network of support around them from their first exam to results day, and beyond. Therefore, we invited every young person to send us their examination timetable so that their leaders, their peers, and their entire church family can be aware of who is sitting what exams, and when. This information has been compiled into this prayer booklet. Continue reading

Jesus ≠ The Hulk

We’ve looked at how Jesus is truly human, and then we looked at how Jesus is truly God. Now we’re going to tie the two together. How can Jesus be truly human and truly God?


Sometimes big words can be intimidating, scary even; but don’t let that put you off. Big words are just the tags we put on the big ideas for convenience, so we can talk about them quicker. The first word (or phrase rather) is ‘hypostatic union’ It’s much easier to understand than it appears. The word ‘hypostatic’ in Greek just means ‘personal.’ So the hypostatic union is the personal union of Jesus’ two natures. That’s what we want to figure out, how can Jesus’ two natures be united in one person? Continue reading